Bronze Marker Refurbishment


Bronze Marker Refurbishment

Variety of designs. Artistically crafted. Cost savings.

If you're looking to restore your bronze marker to its former glory, we've got you covered. Our team will take care of everything from start to finish, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

When you request a bronze marker refurbishment, we'll have you sign a Marker Removal form and send it to the cemetery. Once the marker is removed from the cemetery plot, our staff will pick it up and transport it to our facilities.

We'll then give your marker a thorough cleaning, repolish all the bronze areas, and repaint it to its original color. When we're done, it will look almost as good as new! Finally, we'll deliver it back to the cemetery for re-installation.

By choosing our bronze marker refurbishment service, you can save significantly compared to purchasing a new marker – which can be a substantial expense. Our service allows you to maintain the sentimental value of your existing marker while also being cost-effective.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. We're here to help!

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Top 10 reasons to choose Raincoast Memorials

  1. Variety: Wide range of artistically crafted products and variety to choose from.
  2. Quality and Cost-Effective: Save thousands on quality products at competitive and wholesale prices.
  3. Custom work: We specialize in custom designs and installation.
  4. Experience: Over 30 years of combined funeral products and services experience
  5. Integrity and responsiveness: Our staff is ready to assist your family at your time of need. We will assist you in considering all the options and offer personalized guidance to create meaningful, lasting memorial.
  6. Cultural Backgrounds & Languages: Serving different cultures and religious traditions. All ethnic language engraving. The staff can provide services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Tagalog etc.
  7. Full service: We offer Pre-need services and funeral services also.
  8. Guarantee/Commitment: All of our funeral products are backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  9. Any cemetery: We provide custom cemetery markers anywhere and for any cemetery.
  10. Hassle-free: After you purchase, it will be delivered to your designated location.

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    Customer Testimonials

    We do not know how to express our gratitude for your proficiency in achieving our needs. We will certainly recommend Kit to our relatives and friends in Vancouver. Thanks again for your follow-up and your presence on the set-up day.

    - Wendy, Marker Customer


    It was a perfect day and we celebrated our Mom with joy and tears and a touch of Hawaii …and everyone loved the marker, so noble and enduring! Thank you for working so hard for us to honour our mother and grandmother. God bless you!.

    - Chris, Marker Customer

    Turn Your Memories into a Beautiful Tribute

    Creating the right memorial is a process that should not be hurried. A memorial is one of the most enduring decisions you will make in your lifetime. A memorial is a lasting tribute that will speak to many generations to come. It is important to reflect on the life you are memorializing. Consider their passions, skills and talents, milestones, special achievements, cherished moments and fondest memories that make their life unique and special.

    Memorials come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, and colours. Whether you are interested in a simple bronze marker or an elaborate customized granite monument, our associates will help you explore all of the options.

    Raincoast Memorials is a monument company that provides markers in granite or bronze and caskets at competitive prices. We are one of the largest suppliers in Vancouver and deliver to any cemetery and funeral home in Lower Mainland or rest of Canada.

    Our customers are able to choose from a wide variety of artistically crafted burial markers, inscriptions, and custom designs on granite, bronze or on other natural stones.

    Always here to help you.

    Committed to delivering excellence.

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