Granite Memorial Information

Granite – Available Colours

Raincoast Memorials - granite colours

Colours from left to right: Light Grey | Pink |  Green | Charcoal |  Black | India Red

Final Inscriptions

  • For granite memorials start at $450.00
  • On Site Final Inscription services available also for ANY upright in any language (by quotation)


Flat Granite Polished Top Markers

  • It is the agent’s responsibility to be certain that the stone size ordered is acceptable by the cemetery for the grave it is intended.
  • If the stone is to have 2 persons’ names on it, it is the agents responsibility to determine definitely, that the correct person’s name is on the correct side of the stone, based on how the stone will lie and which person is on which side of the grave (left side or right side).
  • When a stone is ordered for 2 persons, both names have to be provided now. The 1st person’s name is to be engraved now, the 2nd person’s name will be added later, so that the correct spacing can be provided for the 2nd inscription in the future.
  • Mastercard and Visa payment accepted.


Granite Pillow Markers

  • A pillow marker is a sloping granite marker. All of our pillow markers are 6″ tall at the back and 4″ tall in the front.
  • If you are interested in a vase as well, please call for a quote.
  • Mastercard and Visa payment accepted.


Granite Upright Memorials

  • Memorial and monument pricing starts at $995.
  • All memorials are quoted individually. Price is determined primarily by the size and color of granite.
    Please call us for your quote today! 1-855-395-0040

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Did You Know?

Raincoast Memorials offers Pre-Need Services. To learn more please call 1-855-395-0040 or contact us by email.

What Our Customers Are Saying

It was a perfect day and we celebrated our Mom with joy and tears and a touch of Hawaii …and everyone loved the marker, so noble and enduring! Thank you for working so hard for us to honour our mother and grandmother. God bless you!.

~ Chris, Marker Customer


Turn Your Memories into a Beautiful Tribute

Memorials come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, and colours. Whether you are interested in a simple bronze marker or an elaborate customized granite monument, our associates will help you explore all of the options. Creating the right memorial is a process that should not be hurried.

You need to reflect on the life you are memorializing. Consider the passions, skills and talents, milestones and special achievements, cherished moments and fondest memories that make a life unique and special.

A memorial is one of the most enduring decisions you will make in your lifetime. In fact, it will last for many lifetimes …a tribute that will speak to many generations to come.